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São Paulo: where Life is ON
15 million tourists a year¹ ¹Source: SPTuris & Visite São Paulo – 2017
75% of trade fairs and business events in Brazil² ²Fonte: SPTuris e Visite São Paulo – 2017

Live in the epicenter of culinary and cultural arts - the city that sets the stage for global events such as:

  • Formula 1
  • Carnival
  • Virada Cultural
  • SPFW
  • Architecture Biennial
  • Art Biennial
  • International Motor Show
  • World’s Largest Gay-Pride Parade
  • São Silvestre International Race
  • São Paulo Design Weekend
  • Comic Con Experience
  • São Paulo International Film Festival
On-demand Housing

Our all-in-one housing concept attracts people from all walks of life, continuously, boosting your profit.

>HIGH DEMAND and GUARANTEED INCOME with our developments
  • Strategic location.
  • High mobility.
  • Smart buildings.
  • Complete common-space provisions.
  • Multichannel distribution.
  • Dynamic pricing algorithm.