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Your Rent-On-Demand App:
always ON, always profiting.

Housi provides full-service management of your venture.

Fully furnished, ready to rent, stress-free living.
50% higher returns than market average.
More than 5.000 properties listed on Housi.
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Your Rent-On-Demand App

25 million people in Greater São Paulo (Addressable Market). 70% of all multinationals in Brazil¹.

110 museums². 160 theaters². 15 million tourists a year².

75% of trade fairs and business events in Brazil¹.

3 airports (2 international).


89% Average Occupancy

Housi provides complete management of your venture.


Your Home - On Demand

Housi provides complete transparent and high-quality management of your property, so you can maximize the profit of your investment.
  • Conceptual design
  • Full-service management
  • Construction work
  • Service channels
  • Housekeeping and maintenance
  • Simple and transparent
  • Weekly inspection and care
  • Smart pricing