Vitacon launches new generation of compact apartments in Brazil, in 100% shared building

SAO PAULO, Nov. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Vitacon, the real estate development and construction firm, is launching Vita Bom Retiro this month in the center of Sao Paulo, its latest generation of customized apartments, with residential solutions that optimize space, as well as offering shared and collaborative services within the development that fit into residents’ day to day routine. In this way, the company is demonstrating that it is possible to live intelligently and in comfort in apartments as small as 14-square meters.

“The designs have versatile floor plans, and with this we’re hoping to fine-tune the worldwide trend towards compact apartments – it’s quite a common practice in countries whose cities have large populations, such as Seoul, Paris, New York and London – living in reduced but customized spaces keyed to the needs of each resident, with apartment sizes ranging from 14 to 60 square meters,” explains Vitacon CEO, Alexandre Lafer Frankel. As he sees it, it makes no sense for someone to have to sit in traffic just to have a larger living room. “This is why we make compact housing units, with smart space, emphasizing location and shared services as differentials,” he concludes.

A pioneer in the implementation of real estate with smart housing units, the company is innovating with the smallest unit in Brazil, featuring solutions extending to seven rooms, such as a service area, office, kitchen and bedrooms, which is to say, one room can become an office or a dining room that seats four, as the occasion demands, as well as a bedroom with space for two twin beds or one double bed.

Adding to this the building’s shared spaces, such as a room for social gatherings, gym, shared office space, laundry, a cooking and dining area, as well as rooms for entertainment, TV and study, residents can make use of some 570 square meters whenever they want. The idea is that if residents use at least half of this surface area, they will have the comfort of a space greater than 250 square meters.

The other new feature the building will introduce is called Vita Visitas, a fully furnished unit available to residents who can rent it for short periods of time. The idea is that when a Vita Bom Retiro resident receives a guest, he can rent a Vita Visita unit to offer his visitor greater comfort.
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Fonte: Yahoo Finances

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