Alexandre Frankel ended the second and last day of the Path 2019 seminars at Starbucks at Home with some very interesting revelations and the fact that 30% of people give up dream job because they seem to be too far.

In a world where urban centers have become increasingly expensive to live in, the idea of Vitacon, a company that Alexander is founder and CEO has become a specialist in modern and intelligent solutions to be affordable and at the same time profitable.

Vitacon’s initial solution was to focus on apartments in smaller sizes. A plan of unbelievable 10 square meters was presented to the public of the lecture “Life in community: enterprises with shared services conquer metropolises”. The space is fully optimized so that a person can have the basics to survive a few hours there while resting from the busy life in the big city.

10 square meters plan optimizes the space to create a minimally cozy environment.

Frankel also said that his company, Vitacon, has invested more and more in the study of layout projects such as boats and other spaces that need to be taken the maximum advantage of, in order to replicate this intelligence in its projects and then to reduce the size to the maximum in square meters affecting the minimum of the experience of the public.

The Home Office should also be a great ally of the public to ease the long distances, at least in professions which allow that. Demand has grown so much that there is a large increase in jobs in coworking spaces. A place, until recently, quite empty inside the condominiums. Interaction with neighbors in spaces such as these generates new businesses, said Frankel.

Floor plan of a traditional apartment with mapping of the user’s use. Most of the time people use only 40% of the spaces in their homes.

The current buildings are already thought of without parking spaces, some projects even think of joining balconies and creating common areas, such as kitchens, laundries, vegetable gardens and even the creation of a new business model, Housi, whose purpose is to bring experiences for the condominium owners, even balloon rides have already happened enjoying the large community of 20 thousand people who live in the 67 buildings delivered by Vitacon over the last 9 years.

On the other hand, if the square meter is more expensive for the resident, it is also expensive for companies, which are increasingly looking for cheaper physical spaces on the outskirts of large metropolises, to escape the high costs of operating in central regions. Yet the advantages of living in places with easy access to buses, subways and universities remains a determining factor for business growth such as that of Vitacon. The important thing is that no one else needs to give up the job of their dreams.

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