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Novo Higienópolis Fachada

Practical, modern and essential. Fit to your lifestyle. The most intelligent apartment in the Americas.10-77m² studio apartments, in a diversified and complete region.

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Novo Higienópolis Embasamento
Novo Higienópolis Lobby
Novo Higienópolis Espaço Gourmet Área Externa
Novo Higienópolis Cozinha Compartilhada
Shared Kitchen
Novo Higienópolis Cinebar
Novo Higienópolis Coworking
Novo Higienópolis VN Academia Equipada com Life Fitness
Gym with equipment Life Fitness
Novo Higienópolis Bicicletário
Novo Higienópolis Utensílios Compartilhados
Shared Utensils
Novo Higienópolis Lavanderia Coletiva
Shared Laundry
Novo Higienópolis Planta Tipo
10m² • Finals 03
Novo Higienópolis Planta Final 03
33m² • Finals 03 • 1º to 8º Pavement
Novo Higienópolis Planta Final 04
20m² • Finals 07 and 08 • 1º to 8º Pavement
Novo Higienópolis Planta Final 06
15m² • Finals 06 • 1º to 8º Pavement


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Long avenues, antique mansions and iconic SP buildings on streets lined with trees. That's Higienópolis.

bike path

Look what's nearby.


Cosi Restaurante

Specialized in modern Italian cuisine, Cosi is just 300m from the VN Higienópolis.

4 min walk


Parque da Água Branca
Parque da Água Branca

A comfortable environment, with lots of trees and a few animals, the Parque da Agua Branca is just 2km from the VN Higienópolis.

9 min by bike


Take advantage of having a college nearby, with the Mackenzie just 1.5km from the VN Higienópolis.

8 min by bike


Live the best of the Paulista life with a metro station just 450m from the VN Higienópolis.

6 min walk

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Data Sheet

Empreendimento > Novo Higienópolis
Bairro > Higienópolis
Category > Residential
Status > Opening
Location > Rua dos Palmeiras, 410
Incorporation > Vitacon
Construction > Vitacon
Architecture Project > Marchi Arquitetura
Landscaping Project > Hus Arquitetos
Decoration > Consuelo Jorge Arquitetura
Type > 10 to 77m²
Format > Studios

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