September de 2017 | Lifestyle

Reinvent your urban style and reoccupy the city

Those who live in Sao Paulo or know the city well know that sidewalk usage has gone down over time. A busy lifestyle, with a lot of traffic and stress and little, or no, care for physical health was automatically incorporated into city life. This goes without mentioning the lack of interaction.

More recently, a new trend has taken hold. People have preferred to live in places with easier access to public transportation, bike paths and bike lanes. They have been valuing local products and attractions in the neighborhoods where they live.

Imagine walking or biking to work. Imagine spending more time with friends and exploring the region where you live. Imagine living in the city in another way. You can imagine. This is already a reality for many.

Living in smaller spaces and sharing common areas with neighbors where you can meet new people and exchange experiences gives daily life a new dimension. This trend- to work together and share- has given a little push to those searching to occupy the city in a new way.

Having so many people occupying spaces where there were only cars before, has created a stimulating and creative scenario.  Or in other words: a living city that is a stage for new solutions that come from exchanging experiences, as well as the awareness that comes from sharing life with others.

Photo by Davidson Luna on Unsplash

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