October de 2017 | Lifestyle

Coliving: a new housing trend

Sharing spaces is a global urban trend and is a simpler and more accessible way of life.  The idea comes from cohousing, created in the 60s, that became popular in the United States, Canada and Europe. In Brazil this idea is much more recent, but many projects are encouraging a community based lifestyle by creating residences with shared areas.

The concept of coliving, as it is called, is the closest to shared economy. This is a subject that we have approached before on our blog. The essence of this idea goes beyond shared savings: it is to promote living together and exchanging experiences. It is an alternative to the scarcity of habitable urban spaces.

Vitacon’s VN Novo Higienópolis which is 10m², is the smallest apartment in Latin America.  Located in the neighborhood of Higienopolis, an upscale region in SP, which is close to downtown, it puts the concept of coliving in practice.

The main differentials are shared common areas, with coworking spaces, shared kitchens and an apartment to host guests, a cinebar, delivery storage lockers, shared tools and a fully-equipped gym.  There are also shared cars, motorcycles and bicycles to facilitate transportation throughout the city.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

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