A Tendência é Compartilhar - Bike Sharing

September de 2017 | Mercado Imobiliário, Vitacon

Sharing is a trend!

One of the current trends that is growing and reflected in all markets is the idea of sharing. Traditional markets like civil construction and real estate have noticed this growth and have started to base building and construction projects on this concept.

Compact apartments are being released in condominiums with shared spaces that are used by the building inhabitants.  These condominiums innovate with shared laundry rooms, coworking spaces, gyms, bicycles and even cars and motorcycles.

This strategy is a differential that goes beyond marketing, because it creates a new lifestyle and benefits tenants who begin to experience a new model of community.

Vitacon was the first to incorporate this concept and think about smart building that offer this new lifestyle in the city and implement shared savings in its projects, while focusing on reaching all ages and life stages with services that promote higher quality of life.

Investing in apartments that range from 14m² to 100m², Vitacom offers many pay-per-use services. And the best part is that all of this can be managed through a cellphone application that the company offers to its inhabitants.

“Vitacon is in tune with trends. We have released buildings in the ‘expanded downtown” area of Sao Paulo, close to metro stations, bus routes and bike lanes, basing this on the concept of sharing economy,” says the CEO of Vitacon Alexandre Lafer Frankel.”

Reaching solutions that extend from the work area to the shared office spaces, through the laundry rooms, gym and other shared use areas, Vitacon’s idea is that inhabitants should use at least half of these comfortable areas.

See some of these differentials by clicking here.

Photo by Viktor Kern on Unsplash

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