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October de 2017 | Lifestyle

Coliving: a new housing trend

Sharing spaces is a global urban trend and is a simpler and more accessible way of life.  The idea comes from cohousing, created in the 60s, that became popular in the United States, Canada and Europe. In Brazil this idea is much more recent, but many projects are encouraging a community based lifestyle by creating […]

Apartamento Compacto

September de 2017 | Lifestyle

Five reasons to choose compact apartments

The demand for studio apartments is growing and shows the change in popular choice: people opting for a higher quality of life with the spaces offered by these new buildings. Spending less time in traffic, having freedom, practicality, and sharing with others are becoming more and more appreciated. Compact apartments are favorites in the real […]

Leilão Online Vitacon

September de 2017 | Lançamentos

Vitacon has an online auction for the smallest compact apartment in Latin America

The release of the VN Novo Higienópolis has been very successful, with more that 200 pre-registrations for one of the units. Vitacon had its first virtual auction of a complete project using the online auction platform Sold. “The demand for the 10m² apartment was three times higher than the supply even before the official release […]

September de 2017 | Lifestyle

Reinvent your urban style and reoccupy the city

Those who live in Sao Paulo or know the city well know that sidewalk usage has gone down over time. A busy lifestyle, with a lot of traffic and stress and little, or no, care for physical health was automatically incorporated into city life.

September de 2017 | Lifestyle, Vitacon

Incorporating Wellness

Modern life is considered to be stressful and not very healthy. But, on the other hand, we are living longer lives. We have gained longevity. But, what is the point of living more if we don’t live well? If we answer truthfully: there isn’t one. If we don’t seek to live in balance we won’t […]

A Tendência é Compartilhar - Bike Sharing

September de 2017 | Mercado Imobiliário, Vitacon

Sharing is a trend!

One of the current trends that is growing and reflected in all markets is the idea of sharing. Traditional markets like civil construction and real estate have noticed this growth and have started to base building and construction projects on this concept.

August de 2017 | Lifestyle

Lowsumerism and wellness: a new way of living well

We have been talking about wellness for a while, which is more than a concept; it is a sustainable lifestyle in which people seek wellbeing in a broad way.  But, we still haven’t talked about lowsumerism.   Lowsumerism talks about a more mindful way of consuming. It doesn’t necessarily mean consuming less, but in a […]

Novos hábitos para uma vida saudável

August de 2017 | Lifestyle

New habits for a healthy life

How can we have a high quality of life and well-being when facing everyday challenges, without compromising physical and emotional health? Wellness is a path that many are taking to live healthily and feel well physically and psychologically. Implementing this concept means changing your lifestyle. .We discussed this in a previous article   Those who have […]

August de 2017 | Na Mídia

Vitacon releases new project with 10m² apartments

Investors heard about Alexandre Frankel last Thursday, August 10, in a closed meeting at the Hotel Emiliano where he spoke about his newest project: apartments that are 10m² in size. The first building will be constructed in Higienópolis next to the FAAP – a  R$25 million investment. And the price? Starting at R$99 thousand. No, […]

July de 2017 | Sem categoria

Escolha a Vila Olímpia

A Vila Olímpia é um bairro onde a diversidade prevalece, com residências e escritórios, lojas de grande e pequeno porte, shoppings, universidades e, acredite, é um bairro que prega o bom urbanismo, com ruas arborizadas e próximo a parques. Quem deseja viver bem, pode acreditar, o bairro é uma ótima escolha. Na hora do rush, […]